As an avid practitioner and certified meditation instructor with The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, I know the  importance of teaching children meditation and mindfulness. At Kind Mind we come to the comfort of your home, and teach your children how to practice mindfulness and meditation and find focus, calm, happiness, and techniques to handle all moments. Kind Mind is non-denominational. We practice Mindfulness Meditation, scientifically proven to benefit our overall health.

Kind Mind is for ages 5 and up. Since every child is different, Kind Mind designs activities catered to each unique child at his or her particular age. And we make it fun!

A great deal of meditation focuses on our breath. Moving in and out of our bodies. The breath is a wonderful anchor for children. It is always with them and they can always access it during  reactive mood and emotional swings.

Here are some other ways we practice mindfulness:

  • Eating and Drinking mindfully
  • Walking mindfully
  • Coloring
  • Listening
  • Reading, Writing, and Speaking mindfully
  • Body sensations

Kind Mind also practices Compassion, Empathy and Gratitude meditation.


In my years of practice in meditation and mindfulness, I've always thought "I wish I had this as a kid."
On a 10 day silent meditation retreat, I had my "Aha!" moment. In the deep silence and peacefulness, arose a deep compassion and purpose... "I can offer this to kids!" And so began Kind Mind.
Life is truly a rollercoaster, and our minds are attached to the ride. It can be beautiful and exhilarating, but it can also be overwhelming and erratic. Life is unpredictable and constantly changing, even when it feels stagnant, and so much of the time we haven't the tools to navigate this capricious journey. As adults we can be so reactive to all these changes, especially when we don't like our experiences. But imagine a world, your world, where you could integrate an equanimous (my favorite word! It means balance of mind) and tranquil mind to your experiences, whether you liked them or not. Sounds like a superhero power, but it's actually a human power we can access... with mindfulness and meditation! And now imagine the seeds were planted when you were a child... just think how much easier life would be to navigate. 
Children are open and receptive, and deserve tools to help them swim through the many waves of life. In teaching kids how to practice and integrate mindfulness and meditation in their lives, they are happier, calmer, more focused, less reactive, and empowered. 


Mimi Michaels, Founder